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S _ 01 _ M3CH


S _ O N E  S E A S O N  P A S S


This season pass grants the recipient access to the first official season of an episodic, thematic art series.

By purchasing this season pass, you are guaranteed at least one original painting at the end of the season. For season one, 16 paintings will be created, 15 will be given away, and 1 will be selected by the community to be destroyed during the live stream "closing ceremony." The destroyed painting will mark the death of the season.

Paintings will be given away by a random selection based on the members of that particular season. If the limit of members is not reached, then the leftover paintings will also be given away at random to the members of that season. Each member is GUARANTEED at least 1 original painting, but you may receive more if the season isn't filled. Each painting shipped will also include a hand written "script" for the "episode" associated with the painting.

Please note that purchasing this pass will not actually yield any product until the end of the season. And please allow 1 - 2 weeks for your painting to arrive. This time accounts for prepping the painting, packaging it, and shipping it.

Stay fucking evil.

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