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Print Sales

I offer high quality prints of my original artwork at a very affordable cost. My basic print is an 8.5" x 11" print on thick, matte white, archival photo paper. These prints include a 0.5" border all around to allow for ease of framing and space for the title, print edition, and signature. Each print is created, handled, and shipped with the utmost care. After printing, it is given time to fully dry, then signed and placed into a protective shipping sleeve. Then it is placed in a bend-proof, fiberboard mailing envelope. Each print is shipped as fragile / "do not bend" to prevent damage during transit. These prints cost $30 plus $5 shipping for orders within the United States, and $10 for shipping internationally. I also offer poster sized prints and will accept custom size orders as well. Poster sized prints are printed on matte white, archival presentation paper. This paper is a little thinner than the photo paper, but this is to protect the print while it is shipped. These prints are shipped by placing a sheet of clean paper over the print, then rolled and placed into a shipping tube. These prints run $50 a piece with the same shipping cost. Custom sized orders are priced based on the size and requested paper type.

Original Artwork

If you are a collector of artwork, and would like to own one of my original paintings, nearly every piece of mine is available for purchase. There are a few different variants that are in play when I go about pricing an original; the time it took to create, the size of the piece, and the personal connection I have formed with that painting.


I am currently available to accept any and all commission work. Options of work that I can provide for you or your company include pieces of personal artwork in both full colour or black and white, logo design, company branding, album artwork, book covers, book illustrations, photography, and business card design, just to name a few. When working with you on a commission, the price will give you not only the rights to any work I create for you, but you will also receive digital copies of the art in any format you need, as well as the original artwork shipped to you at no extra cost.

Custom Framing

I also offer custom framing with any purchase. Whether it be print sales, original artwork, or commission work. I can remove the hassle of searching for a suitable frame, placing the artwork in a matte, and properly installing the piece into the frame. With this option, you can either request the type of frame, or I will choose one that complements the artwork the best. Simple black frames will add an extra $100 to any order, while more intricate framing will be priced according to the frame cost itself. The extra costs will cover expenses on my end, the time and care taken to perfectly frame the piece, and the added shipping and handling costs to ensure everything gets to you without a scratch.