007 : What I Use Everyday

Good evening.
Lately, I've had an influx of questions asking what I use on a daily basis when I create my artwork. While I use plenty of other supplies other than this, since my current focus has been on monochromatic ink drawings, I'm going to focus on that aspect of my art. One day, I'll talk about what watercolours I use, but that will be enough for an entire post on it's own, so I'll do that later. Right now, it's all about the pencils and pens and markers I use. Let's do this shit.

staedtler 925 - 05 mechanical pencil

Where can I begin with this fucking pencil? I have been using this one since probably my junior year of college, and nothing I've used since has been quite as satisfactory to me. The best thing about the Staedtler 925 is that it's not expensive at all. Basically the same price as any other mechanical pencil, roughly five to seven dollars a piece depending on where you go. While this is intended to be a drafting pencil, I've found it to be just as successful in drawing and writing. The functionality is unmatched for such a modest looking pencil. Accepting of any brand of .05 lead, the metal top piece does an incredible job at keeping the lead intact. I've maybe broken the lead a single handful of times, and I've dropped this pencil countless times. Infinite thanks go to Mat Barber-Kennedy, my watercolour professor from college, for introducing me to these. Whether you're an architect, designer, artist, or writer, this pencil is the go-to in my book.

faber-castell pitt artist pens black 199***

These are actually a new addition to my collection of supplies, and I have absolutely fallen in love with them. Shortly before I began the Little Reapers series, I was looking for some new ink pens to use, and picked a couple of these up on a whim. Packed with waterproof and PH neutral India ink, these pens will give you a beautiful solid black on any sort of art surface. I've used them in shitty sketchbooks, watercolour paper, and Bristol board, and the end result is consistent every time. My only complaint is that they do go dry rather quickly, but that is to be expected with any sort of pre-loaded ink pen. But at the price point of roughly two dollars per unit, there isn't much to complain about. With a multitude of nib sizes, ranging from extra small (0.1mm) to brush pen, there is something that will work for everyone. The brush pen does tend to fray after heavy use, but again, to be expected. My main focus as an artist is keeping shit budget friendly, and these pens will give you unmatched quality at a fraction of the cost of other higher-end options.

sharpie permanent marker

If you have followed my art for a while, this should come as no surprise. Sharpies have been my universal go-to for every project. Everyone knows what they're about, so I'll spare you any sort of breakdown on why they work. But for a permanent marker, this is just all you need. With any size pen you can come up with, Sharpie will have a marker for any job you need. With thin tip pen style options, all the way to huge, chisel tipped blocking options, they got you. My only complaint here is the colour, as Sharpie markers have more of a cool black colour in comparison to what you'll get out of the Faber-Castell India Ink pens. If you use the two in tandem with each other, you'll see the difference very blatantly. So be sure to keep that in mind. Otherwise, this is what I use when I need to fill in a huge area with black and I'm feeling too lazy to bust out the brushes and ink bottles to do it the "right way." Thank you, Sharpie, please never change.


So that's really it. These are the three main things I use when creating the Reapers, and what I use for almost all of my paintings before I get into the actual watercolour part of it. I hope this helps in some capacity, or at least has given you something new to try out. Be sure to sign up with the newsletter to be notified when I drop a new blog post, and leave a comment or photo if you use any of these pencils or pens in your own work! Stay fucking evil, my friend.