006 : Something quick

So keeping in line with what I was talking about in the previous post, you know, trying to write more and update the blog more, I'm going to drop this little piece for you. Mainly, I'm asking you what you want out of this. I may be the one producing the content, but you're the one that's sitting here reading it, and I do want this to be a mutually beneficial relationship.

So what I'm asking is, what kind of content do you want to see in 2017? Obviously I'll continue to post art and updates on what I am working on, but I have the intent to write at least once every other day, hopefully every single day. My initial idea was to simply post about varying topics and subjects that interest me; new music, video games, cooking, etc. I was planning on doing review posts, linking articles that interest me, shit like that. However, I don't want to solely post about the things that interest me. After all, you're taking the time to read the blog, let's keep it interesting for the both of us.

I want this blog to be an extension of myself, allowing you to see the side of my art that typically is not visible to the public. I want to post process videos, photos of my mistakes, general photography of the studio space, etc. This section is about intimacy. A look at how I do what I do, and why I do it every day. I will talk about shit that I personally find interesting, and maybe you will too.

I had intention of writing up something longer today, but I think keeping it succinct might work better for now. I hope this allows you to get to know me just a little better.