004 : Adaptation Through Expression

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Well, I finally am ready to release information on this. It only took nearly two months of structuring, re-structuring, and over-thinking.

Adaptation Through Expression is the online art course that I am going to be releasing near the end of this year. It is the accumulative efforts of nearly two years of work. Through gathering and organizing the knowledge I picked up through my time at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, figuring out exactly how I could teach a course myself, and plenty of silent planning, I am finally feeling confident about what I am going to release.

I'm going to attempt to keep this post short, but informative, so I will jump right in and break down exactly what this will be about.

"So, what is it?"

Simply put, this is my own version of an online art school. Each session will be hosted in a Google Hangout chat, where I will have up to nine students participating in that day's lesson. These lessons will range from starting out as an artist, learning the techniques and basics that you would learn in a university, and eventually teaching you how to become successful as a freelance artist.

"Why did you create this course?"

After graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Illustration, I slowly became aware to the painful reality that spending four plus years and nearly one hundred thousand dollars to receive a degree was not really helping me out in my endeavours as an artist and an entrepreneur. Sure, the EXPERIENCE of a structured college setting helped me learn what I needed to in order to become the artist I am today, but it did not help me in finding work as an artist. When people began approaching me asking for advice on choosing the right art school, I started to plan out this course. I will provide you with the knowledge and structure that you'd receive in a university at a fraction of the cost.

"What will I learn? Why should I listen to you?"

The most important question in the entire post. By being a part of Adaptation Through Expression, you will learn how to grow as an artist. Plain and simple. Are you just starting to get interested in art? Great! I will teach you the basics of perspective, human anatomy, and how to utilize any number of different mediums to achieve your own personal goals. So you know those basics, but you are still trying to develop a personal style? I know exactly how that feels, and I will give you exercises and lessons that will help you branch out into something that feels more your own. Oh, you know all of this, but you want to start freelancing? Perfect, I can show you how to market yourself more successfully, how to build and design your brand, and how to find the RIGHT clients.

"So, art school on a budget?"

Essentially, yes. That is exactly what I am trying to accomplish with this course. While many art colleges will cost you tens of thousands of dollars per year, my course will cost as little as $50 a month. 

"How does it all work? What do I need to start?"

Adaptation Through Expression will be a run as a weekly, one to two hour lession via Google Hangouts. All you really need is a working computer with a decent Internet connection. To really get the most out of the course, it is recommended to have a working webcam as well, so that I can watch as you work on the lesson with the rest of the class. Each lesson will be limited to nine students, but if more than nine students are slotted for that week or month, multiple classes will be held per week. Scheduling will be set up as a communal effort with everyone involved. And if you can't make it to a lesson, no worries! Each class will be recorded and emailed to you at the end, whether you were physically present or not! One of the other benefits to the membership, you will always have a copy of the lesson to revisit and practice along with.

"What if I'm brand new, and have no supplies?"

Upon launch, there will be a membership package that is tailored for the brand new artist. This package will be a one time charge that gives you the first month of your membership, on top of a care package shipped to you that includes everything you will need to get started. Pencils, pens, a sketchbook, paint brushes, and paint, just to name a few.

"When will the course be available?"

The tentative launch date is November 01, 2016. Up until then, I will be releasing different stages of early access. Right now, I am accepting early access beta testers. This package is limited to the first nine that purchase it, and it is $50. What does early access grant you? Well, you will be a part of the first lessons, and will help structure how the rest of the course will be. Not only will you still gain knowledge that you would have gained through the course, but your input will help make the future of the course even better. On top of this, upon launch, you will be given your first month of membership absolutely free, and a little surprise on top of it.

After beta testing is completed, the course will be available to the general public for pre-order, where you can purchase either one month of three month membership at a discounted rate. If you purchase during the pre-order, that rate will be locked in for you for the duration of your time with Adaptation Through Expression.

Oh, and you can opt out at any time. No cancellation fees. No hassle. Just cancel your membership and the billing will be ceased.


So, for now, I am accepting nine students for the early access beta testing. After beta testing is complete, pre-order packages will be available. Once that time comes, more information on pricing for the entire course will be available, as well as the reward perks associated with each type of membership.

Thank you, and I am so very excited to start working with you.

Purchase a slot for early access beta testing