002 : Never stop grinding

Good evening!

Tonight I want to talk about something that is crucial no matter what you are trying to accomplish. Whether it be a personal business, your normal work life, or even your personal life: never stop working. That may be a little daunting, so let me break it down a bit.

I'm not saying to throw your personal life away and become a non-stop workaholic. But the return on the work you do is directly related to the amount of work you put in. This is something I wish I would have better realized years ago, and I won't sit here and lie to you and say I don't still struggle with it. Everyone does.

But once you can really crush this concept into your head, you will not only become better at focusing on what exactly it is you want to do, but you'll see significantly more reward from doing it. Now I understand, almost all of us work full time jobs that we need to dedicate a lot of our time into, but there is always free time, and that's where you need to start focusing. You need to find out how to utilize that free time most efficiently.

For example, say you're like me and are an artist. I work 40+ hours a week at my job, and when I'm not working, I'm taking care of my son. So it's so easy for me to just lay around and watch a movie while he takes a nap, or play videos games all night after he goes to sleep. These are things that I really enjoy doing, but there is literally no benefit to doing them. So lately, I've been trying to find those free hours to learn how to build my business up, write more in this blog, or simply work on new paintings. Without new content, I become stale, and no client or follower with care about my repost on something that they saw six months ago. New content creates new value, and new value will keep old clients interested, and bring in new clients.

I'm not saying to just toss out the PS4 and never have some genuine time to yourself to do whatever you damn well please, but make sure you're prioritizing and spending more time on the things that will push you towards your end goal.

Here's a great way to start with implementing this mentality into your business or every day life. Whatever it is that you want to accomplish or succeed in, start off by setting aside one hour a day of uninterrupted time to work on said thing. No distractions. Once you get yourself into a work flow, breaking that concentration and natural progression is the worst thing you can do. Don't leave Facebook open, don't check your emails, don't even look at your phone. If music helps you focus, set up a playlist or put on an album and just leave it at that. Start doing what you need to do and don't stop doing that for at least an hour. If you really let your mind only focus on that one thing, you'll find yourself working on it for significantly longer than an hour anyway. But start with making sure you spend at least an hour. Then start adding more time to that based on what your schedule will allow. Don't tell me that you don't have any free time. We all have some sort of free time.

That's all I really have for today. No reason to fill this up with ramblings that just mean the same thing. So to recap:

  • Never stop creating
  • Start by setting aside one hour a day to work on what you need to work on
  • Eliminate all distractions when you work

So that's it. Now let's get to work. Please consider subscribing to my newsletter at the bottom of the post so you can receive an email any time that I post some new content. Also, I would love to hear what you need help with. What would you like me to talk about here on the blog? I want this to be a mutually beneficial situation where we can all learn and grow together. Cheers!