My name is Matthew Kocanda, and I am a watercolour illustrator. I was raised in Chicago and recently transplanted in Indianapolis. I graduated from the American Academy of Art in Chicago with a Bachelor's degree in Illustration.

My specialty is stylized watercolour paintings that focus on the female figure, but I also incorporate elements of science fiction and horror into my work. Most of my inspiration comes from the vast mystery and chaos found in space, the beauty and tranquility that exists within nature, and the intrinsic connection I have with my own dream state. While my personal body of work tends to gravitate toward unusual body compositions and messy application of colour, I am also well versed in typography, graphic design, and photography.

I provide commission work as well, and I have worked with a multitude of different clients. Ranging from progressive death metal bands, authors for novels, and larger paintings intended for personal use within a home, I enjoy working with any type of human to create something that we can all be proud of and happy with.